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  • Advanced Answering Center Wins Superior Agent Service Award- The National Equipment Owners Association awarded Advanced Answering Center the 2018 Superior Agent Service award for outstanding service. The NAEO Superior Agent Service Award program is a ‘mystery caller’ program that evaluates call center agents by an independent panel of judges over a six month period.  Superior Agent Service is defined as a level of […]
  • Advanced Answering Center Account Programming Manager Wins National Award- Kaylin Cowherd was awarded the 2018 William and Eleanor Curtin Scholarship in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Mr. and Mrs. Curtin, the founders of AMTELCO, were early entrepreneurs in the telecommunications industry.  The award is presented annually to a motivated, curious individual who demonstrates similar vision and a desire to pursue a career in communications.  Congratulations Kaylin!
  • CVC Two-Way Radio Introduces the Largest Push To Talk Repeater Network in the Northeast!- CVC Two-Way Radio is pleased to announce the construction of a multi-site interconnected repeater network covering nearly all of Vermont and Upstate NY.  This system is perfect for any size fleet including school busing, waste disposal, fuel delivery, municipalities, etc.  System features include integrated GPS vehicle location, multi-site coverage, cellular like site to site roaming […]
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